Business aviation

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Annecy, the ideal solution for private flights

General and business flights are the sources of commercial aviation. For over 100 years, the development of skills in the aeronautics field has played a major role in maintaining services for populations and in developing regions. Business aviation is today a booming sector: it is both a transport tool for governments, companies and individuals, and an essential resource for the local economy.

Facilities and Services

Annecy Mont Blanc Airport offers a large number of VIP services, with technical and safety facilities respecting the latest standards. All our services are available for consultation, and we are always open to exceptional requests.

Pilots’ Area

The pilot’s area is completely dedicated to specific geotechnical, local and regulatory aspects at the airport. The flight crew of all commercial or private flights, as well as pilots of light aircraft, can find all the information and flight documents they need to prepare their flights. Rates and fees at Annecy Mont Blanc airport are available for consultation.