The airport

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We are committed to a real policy of sustainable development to keep the impact of our activities on the environment under control. The airport operator’s mission is to manage the public infrastructure in a sustainable way.

This environmental policy is part of an overall approach to Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR), aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the airport’s activities above and beyond the regulatory requirements.

We are committed to respecting the following principles:

1.     Preventing and controlling pollution risks

2.     Continually improving our environmental performances

3.     Respecting regulations and internal procedures

The goals are focused in the following areas :

1. Reducing and keeping energy consumption under control

2. Improving waste management
Ensuring 50% of waste is sorted

3. Raising public awareness about our approach
100% of personnel are aware of our approach

4. Preventing and controlling noise and pollution risks
Registering and responding to complaints

5. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (particularly CO2):
A commitment to reduce emissions each year
Obtaining the Airport Carbon Accreditation