New partnership between Edeis and FFA

Airport news

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Edeis, operators of 18 airports in France and Spain, and the French Aeronautics Federation (FFA), grouping together 600 affiliated flying clubs and 41,000 private licenced pilots, have announced the signature of a two-year partnership.

The partnership will notably lead to the public rate for landing fees being halved for pilots of planes weighing less than two tons with an FFA licence, and a study being set up to examine ideas for the airport of the future and the issues of safety for electric aircraft.

For Jérôme Arnaud, deputy director of Edeis in charge of managing infrastructure, “this partnership consecrates a long-standing commitment alongside the FFA and its licenced pilots. It is a wonderful opportunity to boost the development both of flying clubs and local plane facilities.”

For Jean-Luc Charron, president of the FFA, “this partnership is part of a shared approach in favour of the mobility of pilots and helping to broaden the appeal of light and sports aviation in France. The skills and experience of Edeis in terms of engineering and operations will help broaden our vision of the flying club of tomorrow and of electric planes.”