OBAIA Project: Open Business Aviation In Annecy

Airport news

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In 2016, Annecy Mont-Blanc airport welcomed over 2,400 business aviation flights, with almost 600 made by planes based at the airport. The flights were for both business and leisure purposes.

Our goal as a local airport operator is to help the region’s economic development, particularly by making business aviation easier and better adapted to your needs.

At Annecy-Mont-Blanc Airport we are committed to supporting you in your trips and providing different ways for you to get around. Business aviation on demand is one of the possibilities.

Other systems could be used according to your needs (private property, Economic Interest Group, etc.) and we will be happy to answer your requests and questions.

Below you will find a link to an online questionnaire that will help us assess your needs and find the best way for us to help you travel.

OBAIA Project Survey

If you would like more information, come and meet us, so that we can introduce you to the possibilities available or contact us at contact[at]annecy.aeroport.fr.