Renovation work at Annecy Mont-Blanc Airport to set up an aeronautic activity area

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The Haute-Savoie department, the owners of the Annecy Mont-Blanc Airport in the municipalities of Meythet and Epagny-Metz-Tessy, takes charge of the major investments in the airport. On Tuesday 18 April, it launched site renovations with the aim of boosting safety in the airport, reduce noise pollution (-25%) and emissions by making improvements to aircraft traffic – shorter landing trajectories – as well as helping the region’s economic development.

The project was launched on Tuesday 18 April. The estimated costs of €3.6M are entirely financed by the Department.

The work scheduled includes creating extra taxiways to improve operations on the runway, upgrading and adapting facilities, reorganisation of the parking areas for aircraft and of the service area, setting up areas for a plane-wash and for new service-providers onsite. Work is scheduled for completion at the end of August 2017.

Reminder: Public Service Delegation agreement

Act II in favour of decentralisation gave local authorities authority over state aerodromes, with the exception of airports of national or international interest. The specific nature of airport activity, as well as the diversity of norms – technical, commercial, land-ownership, etc. – led the Department to outsource the airport’s operations. Annecy Mont-Blanc Airport is managed in the form of a public service delegation agreement (DSP in French). It is operated by Edeis, the leader in airport management in France.

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