SNC-LAVALIN appointed to manage and operate Dijon-Bourgogne airport

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SNC-Lavalin was appointed by the Mixed Association of Dijon-Longvic airport as beneficiaries of the management and operations contract at Dijon Bourgogne airport for a duration of 12 years.

Dijon Bourgogne airport is a vital facility for promoting the economic development and the international attractiveness of Dijon and Burgundy. It is the natural means for access to the Burgundy wine region, listed since July 2015 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and will help extend the prestige of the International City of Gastronomy, which will be opening in 2018. The airport is already welcoming a promising number of private, business and leisure flights, as well as health flights and organ transport.

SNC-Lavalin has been operating Dijon airport since 1 September 2014 as part of a transitional contract lasting 18 months, which has enabled the Mixed Association to provide continuity in public airport services and to plan out the future measures for managing and operating the airport. During this period, SNC-Lavalin has trained an operational and qualified team to meet the needs of the airport’s various customers with a permanent orientation towards the flexibility and quality of services.

For this new contract, SNC-Lavalin will be expanding the operational team to meet the needs of its operating and development activities. In the short term, ten employees will be taking care of welcoming users to the airport, helping them to make full use of the facilities.