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The airport

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Operating service

This is the airport’s nerve centre, the main entry point for all the platform’s services. Staff track planes from start to finish, before the flight, the landing, during stopovers and until take off.  The operations staff answer clients’ requests concerning business aviation and provide information about all aspects of the airport.

Isabelle, aged 49, Operation employee at Annecy Mont-Blanc airport for the past 12 years:

“A few years after completing studies in the arts (university diploma in dance), I decided to change careers and start work in sales at Orly airport or at Air France at Roissy. After training in remote ticket sales, tourism and travel services, I joined the team at Annecy Mont-Blanc Airport in 2004. As a station agent, I like the variety of my work, the creative aspect of anticipating our customers’ needs and the dynamic side of the profession.”

“Anticipating our clients’ needs”

Runway service

The runway service goes to work as soon as the plane or helicopter enters the airport’s parking area. Like a conductor of operations, the staff help pilots to take care of their passengers in perfect safety and with a high level of service. The runway service also takes care of maintaining the facilities and green spaces, snow removal, etc. at the airport.

Julien, aged 32, runway employee at Annecy Mont-Blanc airport for the past 11 years:

“After a professional baccalaureate in floriculture, I finally found a temporary baggage-handling job at Chambéry airport, then worked as a team leader. After two seasons at Chambéry, I came to work at Annecy Mont-Blanc Airport in 2006 as a runway employee. I like the contact with the clients, the wide range of tasks, the working hours. The airport’s human size makes the atmosphere at work really enjoyable.”

Airport fire service

The main job of the Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Service (SSLIA in French) is to guarantee the safety level on the platform and the survival of passengers in the event of an accident. In Annecy, the teams also take care of landing and take-off operations through the Animal Danger Prevention Service (SPPA in French) and by managing safety on the ground (runway inspection, for example). They are also in charge of managing the airport as an Establishment Open to Public Access (ERP in French).

Etienne, aged 30, fire service manager, at the airport for the past four years:

“After a professional baccalaureate in industrial equipment maintenance, I worked with the Civil Defence Instruction and Intervention Unit n°7 (UIISC7) for 5 years. My role as head fireman at the airport involves managing a diverse team with atypical careers, but a shared aim, which is safety. I particularly like the human size of the site, which helps me keep in close contacts with my co-workers on the platform. The wide range of tasks and the types of aircraft landing here are a real source of motivation. The intensity of winter activities is a challenge that we enjoy in the team. Working at the airport makes me feel like I’m travelling!”